Welcome! DelVal is a federation of dancers from Square Dance, Round Dance, and Clogging clubs in the greater Delaware Valley area.

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Try our Introductory Square Dances.

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Find out what Modern Western Square Dancing is all about. Attend one of the introductory dances offered by a square dance club in your area.

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Dance Key:
=Squares, C=Class, M=Mainstream, P =Plus, A=Advanced, Ch=Challenge, CL=Clogging, Rounds are indicated with "R" or the phase numbers.
Federation and District events are Blue. Opportunities for new dancers and class dances are Red.

Our first priority is to provide an online calendar of federation and member club events. While we strive for accuracy, it's always a good idea to confirm events with the sponsoring club. You can help improve the accuracy of the published federation calendar by pointing out any mistakes and providing missing information.

Inclusion in the calendar is limited to DelVal members and member clubs. National and state events in which the federation is represneted are also listed. Additionally, others who place a paid add in the Delaware Valley Dancer can request to have advertized events added to the calendar.

We can't accept open ended events but we'll be happy to post any specific dates you have. All submissions to the calender should be sent via email to improve both the speed and accuracy. You will receive a response email letting you know that your dates have been posted. Once your submissions have been posted it is your responsibility to proof read the web page prior to publication in the Delaware Valley Dancer.


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